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A better future

We are each influencing thousands of lives and, even we do not realize it, we are connected to each other by a multitude of invisible “threads”. LETCA’s aim is to bring to life former values, simple things, and build a better future for people and families, for our communities, bringing to their lives more quality, and organic products grown in a healthy environment.


Our passion is to grow vegetables in Romania. We innovate in order to surprise our clients and partners with the best solutions. For us, innovation means to choose the newest cultivation methods, the best vegetable soils, and to provide services and products that would satisfy our clients’ and partners’ needs. Our biggest wish is to offer the consumer a unique experience, from package to taste.

Love for nature

We carry in our soul the love for people and nature. We know that, for a better future, it is necessary to respect nature. This is why LETCA brings to your table natural, organic products free from pesticides or other chemical products. According to our principle to reduce environmental pollution, we use recyclable or biodegradable packages. To consolidate this message, we are actively looking for partners that would have the same principles.


For us, trust is important. Whether we are talking about a friendship, family or partnership, trust is one of the ingredients behind them. When you trust someone, you build open, sincere and lasting relationships. For us, those who consume Letca products are not only consumers, they are our partners who help us want to be better, to move forward.