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Produse Letca bio organica Rosii Cherry bio Letca Produse-Copii-gatind-cu-Legumele-Letca Produse Rosii slide show bio Letca Millennial Tomato Produse slide show Salata bio Letca Millennial

Amazing natural and tasty!

The difference between a simple tomato and a great one is huge, as is the difference between a standard white, sliced loaf of bread, and one which is brown, baked in the oven, very tasty.

Our tomatoes are grown directly in the soil and are harvested only when they are fully ripened on the plant, which gives them a wonderful taste and high nutritional qualities.

Legume romanesti bio letca
Rosii cherry bio Letca Millennial tomato

Discover the taste

Millennial Tomato 200 g on stalk - we have chosen especially for you the most beautiful and tastiest tomatoes on stalk. A bouquet of flavors, grown and carefully packed in a biodegradable package. We ensure you that in every box you will find delicious and healthy tomatoes, on stalk, for more freshness and in order to preserve the nutritional qualities for the longest time.

LETCA provides an organic, sustainable and responsible product, from production to packaging.

Millennial Tomato 200 g

For you to have on your table the tastiest tomatoes, we have selected ripe fruit and we put them in easy-to-carry boxes, for guaranteed delight.

The tomatoes grown in Letca distinguish themselves by their flavored and sweet taste, turning your every snack or salad into a culinary feast. Carefully packed in a biodegradable package, you may eat them as such, like a snack, directly from the box, or you may use them to make hors-d’oeuvres, salads, pizza, sauces, pasta. They will add more savor and color to any dish.

Legume Letca calitate rosii bio organice
Millennial Tomato Letca bio organic

Millennial Tomato 400 g

You deserve more! Because we know there are moments when you wish for more, we have prepared especially for you the 400 g package. You may eat them as such, like a snack, directly from the box, or you may use them to make hors-d’oeuvres, salads, pizza, pasta or even grilled! They will add more savor and color to every dish.

Natural from seed to taste

Our vegetables are grown in the ground, in Southern Romania, where the sun meets the earth and brings to life the tastiest vegetables. Naturally grown in greenhouses, without using chemicals or pesticides, Letca vegetables are protected against the unfavorable meteorological conditions (hale, large quantities of precipitations, solar explosions and radiations, etc.), pests, because we wish to provide you and your dear ones with healthy, organic vegetables.

Produse Legumele Letca crescute in pamant jud Giurgiu
Rosii Bio Letca Gustul ne face sa fim diferiti

The taste makes us different!

Celebrating the taste! LETCA started from the idea that a good, tasty product offers the best chances to bring to your houses that natural delight that would pamper your taste buds.

LETCA vegetable assortments are selected based on faultless quality, on the unique taste and on the stability of flavor. For us, the right choice of the soil is very important, the same as the manner by which these vegetables are brought on the consumer’s plate.

Produse Bio

During the entire production process, beginning from plant growth to the end of the process, only natural substances were used, ecologically certified.

The soil where vegetables grow has not been treated with chemical fertilizers. From seed until the plant reaches maturity, only natural substances are used, in order to care for them, to protect and grow them.

All Letca products bear the logo that shows that our products are certified as ecological products. See here...

legume bio letca
produse sera protejata rosii bio pe vrej in soare

Vegetables grown in a protected environment

Environmental conditions (hale, the differences of temperature, solar explosions and radiations) may affect the growth of a plant or may even compromise a crop. Inside greenhouses, the plants are protected both against unfavorable meteorological conditions, and against pests. With a technology of last generation, Letca succeeds in offering plants the best conditions of development (temperature, moisture, organic fertilizers) that would ensure a healthy plant with high and tasty nutritional qualities.

The product is of impeccable quality!

The internal and international product quality controls, the presentation of the product in the package that ensures good preservation, contributes to the high quality of LETCA products. The short chain between producer and consumer provides an extremely fresh, tasty and natural product on the shelf of the store.

Global G.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for agricultural production. This standard certifies the safety of food, traceability, environment, welfare at the working place and sustainability. The IFS food standard – Global Market Food, guarantees food safety, the quality of processes and of products.

Letca produse legume bio